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Filing a Roofing claim in Colorado Springs

What questions to be ready for.

When filing an insurance claim on your roof, there are a few things the insurance will ask you. So here is a list to prepare for before calling to file your roofing claim.

1- Do you have your Insurance Policy number ready?

-Make sure you have your policy in hand.  


2- Do you know when the last hail storm occured?

-Ask us when the last hail storm was in your area.

3- How did you find out about the damage?

-Tell them your Soco Certified Home Inspector identified the damage.

4-What Phone number should I call to File my Claim?

-Call the 1-(800) number on the back of your home owners insurance policy to file a claim.


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We manage Insurance Claims!

When dealing with an insurance claim it can be frustrating having to call and get overpriced estimates from multiple contractors. 

Soco Roofing is here to make this process headache free. Let us manage and negotiate your insurance claim to ensure you are getting the most damage on your property covered by your insurance company.

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